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University : University of Rajshahi

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     TMSS Medical College,  Bangladesh

           Are you thinking to study MBBS in Bangladesh? In recent years many Indian students have successfully enrolled their seat in the best medical college in Bangladesh. MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian students is cheap and affordable. Students can get other pleasures with the MBBS course.

      TMSS College Bangladesh

           TMSS is a prestigious MCI approved private medical college in the northern region of the Bangladesh, established in 2008 and situated at Rangpur Road, Thengamara, Bogra city in Bangladesh. TMMS college is affiliated with the University of Rajshahi.
            TMSS started it’s journey by the knowledge experience and visionary thinking of the executive director of TMSS, Prof. Dr. Hosne-Ara Begum. Within a very short time the college proved itself as one of the best private medical colleges in the country.

            With the motive to provide best education, TMSS college working their best.

Course Duration for MBBS = 5 years + 1 year internship

Established Year = 2008

Address:   Rangpur Road, Thengamara, Bogra city in Bangladesh

Affiliation: * Rajshahi University

  • World Directory of Medical School
  • World Federation for Medical Education (WPME)
  • Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)
  • World Health Organization

            Why choose TMSS Medical College Best ?

•College has approval of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.
•Recognized by Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council.
•Language of education is English

•Provides best teaching by the highly skilled faculties.
•TMSS college already got first place in Rajshahi University which is a prove of the education quality of this institute.
•TMSS is able to fulfil all the requirements of the foreign students.
•Cheapest and affordable fees structure

•College has separate hostel facility for both boys and girls.
•5 year MBBS (Theory and Practical) + 1 year Internship program


Admission Fees structure of MBBS Course of TMSS Medical College,  Bangladesh :-

              Fees Structure for Foreign Student.
              Fee structure Total financial involvement for 5 years MBBS course is furnished below for information as per previous year record. Total Tuition fee for 5 years course is 40,000 USD including hostel accommodation. Students can pay in easy installments



Forein Student ( MBBS) for session 2022-2023 (TMC- 15th Batch) including food & accommodatiomn .

   InstallmentsAmount             Time of PaymentRemarks
Before Admisson USD 8,000January, 2023 
1st InstallmentUSD 3,500December, 2023 
2nd InstallmentUSD 3,500June, 2024 
3rd InstallmentUSD 3,500December, 2024 
4th Installment   USD 3,500june, 2025 
5th InstallmentUSD 3,000December, 2025 
6th InstallmentUSD 3,000June, 2026 
7th InstallmentUSD 3,000December, 2026 
8th InstallmentUSD 3,000June, 2027 


Forein Student ( BDS) for session 2022-2023 (BDS- 11th Batch) including food & accommodatiomn .

   InstallmentsAmount             Time of Payment
Before admissionUSD 8,000January, 2023
1st InstallmentUSD 1,500June, 2023
2nd InstallmentUSD 1,000December, 2023
3rd InstallmentUSD 1,000June, 2024
4th Installment   USD 1,000December, 2024
5th InstallmentUSD 1,000June, 2025
6th InstallmentUSD 1,000December, 2025
7th InstallmentUSD 1,000June, 2026
8th InstallmentUSD 1,000December, 2026
9th InstallmentUSD 1,000June, 2027
10th InstallmentUSD 1,000October, 2027

Grand Totel        USD 18,000(USD Eighteen Thousand Only


  Foreign student (MBBS) For Session 2021-2022 (TMS-14th Batch) including fooding & accommodation

InstallmentsAmountTime of Payment
1st InstallmentUSD 3,000June, 2022
2nd InstallmentUSD 3,000December, 2022
3rd InstallmentUSD 2,500June, 2023
4th Installment   USD 2,500December, 2023
5th InstallmentUSD 2,500June, 2024
6th InstallmentUSD 2,500December, 2024
7th InstallmentUSD 2,500June, 2025
8th InstallmentUSD 2,500December, 2025
9th InstallmentUSD 2,500June, 2026
10th InstallmentUSD 2,500October, 2026
Grand Totel USD 42,000 (USD Eighteen Thousand only)


Foreign student (BDS) For Session 2021-2022 (BDS-10th Batch) including fooding & accommodation

InstallmentsAmountTime of Payment
During admissionUSD 8,000January, 2022
1st InstallmentUSD 1,000June, 2022
2nd InstallmentUSD 1,000December, 2022
3rd InstallmentUSD 1,000June, 2023
4th Installment   USD 1,000December, 2023
5th InstallmentUSD 1,000June, 2024
6th InstallmentUSD 1,000December, 2024
7th InstallmentUSD 1,000June, 2025
8th InstallmentUSD 1,000December, 2025
9th InstallmentUSD 1,000June, 2026
10th InstallmentUSD 1,000October, 2026
      Grand TotelUSD 18,000 (USD Eighteen Thousand only)


Admission Fees Structure TMSS Medical College, Bangladesh as an official Image format :-



To know further about the fee structure and GPA calculation and a proper guidance In MBBS admission in Barind Medical College, Bangladesh, contact us on Both call and whatsapp:- +918638074044

If you want to know about TMSS College, Bangladesh in Video format than see this in the below link :- 

Hindi :-  https://youtu.be/ipjF9OY0s2E



Bangladesh is a country in South Asia and one of the most densely populated countries in the world. It shares land borders with India to the west, north, and east, Myanmar to the southeast, and the Bay of Bengal to the south. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and being the largest city, it is also the nation's economic, political and cultural hub. The country forms the larger and eastern part of the Bengal region. The climate here is tropical with a mild winter from October to March, and a hot, humid summer from March to June. People witness the warm and humid monsoon season that lasts from the months of June to October and bears most of the country's rainfall. 

The vast majority of the population of Bangladesh is Bengali—a term describing both an ethnic and a linguistic group. Bengali (Bangla) is the national language of Bangladesh and it belongs to the Indo-Aryan group of languages which is related to Sanskrit.



Studying MBBS in Bangladesh is a great option for the medical aspirants since its institutions has unselfish regard for the well-being of others which is essential to engendering trust. The faculties are highly qualified and provide the best medical resources and services. They also work actively to eliminate discrimination in health care, as well as barriers to health. There are many other reasons that include among the advantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh. MCI approved MBBS Degree in Bangladesh and the degree is provided by Government University. The institutions Follow same Indian Medical Council (MCI) Syllabus with the Same Indian Author books and Journals followed in full 5 years of the MBBS program. MCI Screening Test FMGE pass-out rate is very high. Moreover, it has same tropical climates as India. Since it is not possible for every student to wear the high donation or tuition fee charges, studying MBBS in Bangladesh can be a great relief to the students who are aspiring to opt for MBBS in abroad.

MBBS in Bangladesh is a very wise decision to make and the students can easily avail the facilities that the medical institutions of the country offer and that too in affordable costs.The problem of language barrier does not exist because English is used as the medium of instruction in the campus of the medical institutions which good for avoiding any sort of language barriers. The private medical colleges and universities are well equipped with all modern amenities with a good infrastructure to facilitate the students.



  1. Must have passed qualifying examinations (HSLC/’A’ level) or equivalent examination.
  2. SSC/’O’ level or equivalent examination passed not before 2017.
  3. HSC/’A’ level or equivalent examination passed not before 2019.
  4. Minimum aggregate GPA in SSC/’O’ level or equivalent and in HSC / ‘A’ level or equivalent examination: 7.00 (seven)
  5. Minimum GPA in SSC / ‘O’ level or equivalent and in HSC / ‘A’ level or equivalent examination: 3.0
  6. Minimum GPA in Biology 3.5 its means no one take admission below 60 marks in Biology
  7. For calculation of GPA against the mark obtained in SSC/’O’ level or equivalent exam, only top 5 subjects are considered for calculation of GPA. Therefore, GPA in ‘O’ level = (total marks obtained in top five subjects)/5.
  8. Optional subject shall be considered if GPA is below 5 (five).
  9. For calculation of GPA against the mark obtained in HSC/’A’ level or equivalent exam, only 3 subjects (physics, chemistry, biology) are considered for calculation of GPA. Therefore, GPA in ‘A’ level = (total marks obtained in top three subjects)/3.
  10. Students must carry the qualify marks obtained in their NEET Examination.


Eligibility criteria for admission of foreign students in Bangladesh in MBBS Course  rules and regulations are also available in video format. To know more, click in the link given in the below: 

In Hindi Language :- https://youtu.be/Bwc_wWNU-ug


Benefits of MBBS In Bangladesh for Indian students:

  • There is a quota of 45% seats in every private medical college for Indian students.
  • Indian students can use the SAARC admission quota and get a whole course for free.
  • The teaching medium is English and the study pattern is similar to the Indian study pattern.
  • MBBS degree from Bangladesh is valid and acceptable in India.
  • The degree provided by Government University. Follow same Indian Medical Council (MCI) Syllabus. Same Indian Author books and Journals followed in full 5 years of the MBBS program. MCI Screening Test FMGE pass-out rate very high.
  • The fee structure of the medical universities in Bangladesh is very much affordable. One can complete the MBBS course in Bangladesh’s top medical universities with the tuition fee of mere $33000 to $50000 for the whole 6 years course. This increases the scope of studying MBBS in the medical universities of Bangladesh for Indian students.
  • Bangladesh is a neighbor of India, so it also shares so much similarity of culture, language, food, and study pattern as well. So Indian students will not have to worry about the differences which bother many other students pursuing MBBS in other countries.
  • There is no requirement for any additional entrance examinations.
  • The cost of living in Bangladesh is lower than that in India.

Why Bangladesh is better for Indian Students for MBBS Course described in video format please see in the link below :- 

Hindi :- https://youtu.be/IVNB3scM0Ss 


English :- https://youtu.be/y3drKSZDbEY



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  • At the time of Admission, one of our representatives always with students from India to Bangladesh up-to college hostel.


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